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We work in a very collaborative environment and follow the Agile + iterative approach to development. We ensure that the deliverables remain seamless, and flawless and are completed within the set time frame.

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Our Process

Our methodology aims to deliver the right product, with incremental and frequent delivery of small chunks of functionality, through small cross-functional self-organizing teams, enabling frequent customer feedback and course correction as needed. Requirements, plans, and results are evaluated continuously so our agile teams have a natural mechanism for responding to change quickly.


The first step in the conversion funnel is to determine the scope of the project. A product/services owner will determine the scope of the project either for SEO or Website Design and Development. If there are numerous projects, they will prioritize the most important ones. The product/services owner will discuss key requirements with a client and prepare documentation to outline them, including what features will be supported and the proposed end results.


The design phase is where all our efforts come together. First, we discuss your requirements with the design team and their experience with similar projects helps us understand what works best for you. Then, we create a mock-up of the diaphragm which will be presented to the client so that they can approve the design before development begins.


The development phase is when we work on the actual execution of the software solution/app idea. Once everything is discussed and there’s a finalized design on the table, our developers put their skills and expertise to work, creating a feature-rich product. Every step of this phase is tracked meticulously in collaboration with our clients via various project management tools, ensuring that all tasks are executed as planned

Quality Assurance & Revisions

The next phase of the development process is quality assurance. Our quality analysts conduct both manual and automated tests to ensure that the product runs smoothly. This helps prevent bugs in the software when it launches. The Unlimited Revision is an offer from us to do unlimited revisions during the web development process and then changes till the client is satisfied with the final work.


Once the product is tested against various constraints and passes the quality check, it’s time to “end” the development process. In this phase, our team will come up with a proper deployment plan that states how your software should go live, who will do it, and how it will be maintained in the future.

Deliver to Client

At the time of deployment, all the important elements are aligned so that there’s no room for failure. In the next step, the software product or website is handed over to whomever it may concern, following the instructions as per the deployment plan. Your product will be ready to go live; we deploy in whichever environment you require (on-premises or cloud).